Personakt Antavla

C. Franklin Carlton

Blev 84 år.

Far:Frank A Carlton (1890? - )
Mor:Alfreda E Johnson (1890 - )

Född:1918-04-09 New York, USA. [1]
Bosatt:1930 4219 Paulina, Chicago, Illinois, USA. [1]
Död:2002-05-16 Sarasota, Florida, USA. [2]

Barn med Marion

Linda Carlton
Suzanne Carlton


C Franklin and Howard A Carlton were mentioned in Carl Oscar Hedstrom's Will when he died in 1960. They most likely inherited something from the estate and that was probably how they were able to afford to go to very prestigious colleges. Their was a letter that asked them if they knew of any other surviving relatives that should be included in the settlement of the estate. Both said "no". In reality there were some survivors. It was very complicated. CO Hedstrom's surviving niece, Vivien had just died 5 years prior to COH and had a surviving husband, Henard Cochran and my dad Wayne, but my grandfather was so traumatized by her death he really did not keep up with Vivien's relatives anymore. IF she would have outlived CO Hedstrom, they may have stood a chance to inherit something from his estate.


1918 Födelse 1918-04-09 New York, USA [1]
1920 2 år Brodern Howard A Carlton föds 1920-12-03 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1930 Bosatt 1930 4219 Paulina, Chicago, Illinois, USA [1]
2002 84 år Död 2002-05-16 Sarasota, Florida, USA [2]


[1]1930 US Federal Census
[2]Lisa Cochran Martin