Personakt Antavla

Vivien Thelma Holmgren

Blev 44 år.

Far:Skräddare (Taylor) Nils Anshelm Holmgren (1871 - 1928)
Mor:Hilda Carolina Sofia Hedström (1876 - 1917)

Född:1911-06-17 Brooklyn, New York, USA. [1]
Bosatt:1920 180 South Elliott Place, Brooklyn, NY, USA. [2]
Bosatt:1921 New Jersey, USA. [1]
Död:1955-06-17 Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA. [1]Vivien dies in June 17,1955 unexpectedly of a massive heart attack at 44 years old in front of her guests, Howard's wife Verley and two boys Gary and Hugh at her home is Lewisburg, while they were visiting.


Mrs Vivien Holmgren Cochran aged 44 years, wife of retired naval officer, Henard Otha Cochran died of a heart attack at her home in White Acres, Friday.

Funeral services were held at 4:00 p.m. Saturday at First Methodist Church The Rev. Charles O Liefer (Lutheran) of Shelbyville officiated.

Burial was at 10:30 a.m. Monday in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. (Washington DC area)

Mrs. Cochran was born in Brooklyn, NY. Her husband is a native of Marshall County and the family settled here 13 years ago after Cochran's retirement. They lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the time of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

Mrs. Cochran also is survived by a son, Wayne Leonard Cochran.

Äktenskap med Henard Otha Cochran (1907 - 1981)

Vigsel:1933-01-21 Albany, New York, USA. [1]

Wayne Leonard Cochran (1939 - 1997)


Vivien was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but my grandfather first had to agree to be buried there as she could not be there without him, since she did not serve in the military.


1911 Födelse 1911-06-17 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1917 6 år Modern Hilda Carolina Sofia Hedström dör 1917-12-26 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1920 Bosatt 1920 180 South Elliott Place, Brooklyn, NY, USA [2]
1921 Bosatt 1921 New Jersey, USA [1]
1928 16 år Fadern Skräddare (Taylor) Nils Anshelm Holmgren dör 1928-03-31 Brooklyn, New York, USA [3]
1933 21 år Vigsel Henard Otha Cochran 1933-01-21 Albany, New York, USA [1]
1937 26 år Systern Alice Evelyn Holmgren dör 1937-10-21 Chicago, Illinois, USA [1]
1939 28 år Sonen Wayne Leonard Cochran föds 1939-11-05 San Diego, California, USA [1]
1955 44 år Död 1955-06-17 Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA [1]


[1]Lisa Cochran Martin
[2]1920 US Federal Census
1920 Census: (Head) Nils 48, (daughter) Alice 18, (daughter) Vivien 8, (nurse) Sarah McKenna 28 (of Ireland)
[3]Certificate 2474, H 452, Certificate 2474, H 452