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Alice Evelyn Holmgren

Blev högst 36 år.

Far:Skräddare (Taylor) Nils Anshelm Holmgren (1871 - 1928)
Mor:Hilda Carolina Sofia Hedström (1876 - 1917)

Född:1901 Brooklyn, New York, USA. [1]
Bosatt:1910 Brooklyn, New York, USA. [2]
Bosatt:1920 180 South Elliott Place, Brooklyn, NY, USA. [3]
Bosatt:efter 1920 2320 Belmont Ave. Chicago, Illinois, USA. [1]
Bosatt:1930 Chicago, Illinois, USA. [4]
Död:1937-10-21 Chicago, Illinois, USA. [1]childbirth

Barn med Otto Carl Stofferan (1887 - 1955)

Frank Stofferan (1937 - )


It appears that Alice married a widower Otto Stofferan who had two children of whom a relative was raising. I heard that with him marrying Alice they decide to raise the children themselves. In the meantime, she becomes pregnant, has Frank and dies at childbirth. Then it looks like Otto marries again. I looked up some letters to see where Vivien was living when her sister died. When Henard and Vivien left Brooklyn, the were ordered to move and live in the Pacific on an island called Guam. They were in the process of moving away from Guam and relocate to the state of Rhode Island (which is really not an island) in New England about the time Alice died. I can't tell if Vivien was able to be in Chicago for the funeral or not.


1901 Födelse 1901 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1910 Bosatt 1910 Brooklyn, New York, USA [2]
1911 Systern Vivien Thelma Holmgren föds 1911-06-17 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1917 Modern Hilda Carolina Sofia Hedström dör 1917-12-26 Brooklyn, New York, USA [1]
1920 Bosatt 1920 180 South Elliott Place, Brooklyn, NY, USA [3]
>1920 Bosatt efter 1920 2320 Belmont Ave. Chicago, Illinois, USA [1]
1928 Fadern Skräddare (Taylor) Nils Anshelm Holmgren dör 1928-03-31 Brooklyn, New York, USA [5]
1930 Bosatt 1930 Chicago, Illinois, USA [4]
1937 Sonen Frank Stofferan föds 1937-10-21 Chicago, Illinois, USA [1]
1937 Död 1937-10-21 Chicago, Illinois, USA [1]


[1]Lisa Cochran Martin
[2]1910 US Federal Census
1910 Census: (Head) Nils 38, (wife) Sophie 34, (daughter) Alice E. 8, (father-in-law) Andrew 69, Caroline 66,
Boarders/lodgers all from Sweden: Johanna Johanson 64, Leonard Carlson 35, Conrad Nelson 26
[3]1920 US Federal Census
1920 Census: (Head) Nils 48, (daughter) Alice 18, (daughter) Vivien 8, (nurse) Sarah McKenna 28 (of Ireland)
[4]1930 US Federal Census
[5]Certificate 2474, H 452, Certificate 2474, H 452